Over the last few years, our company, Mole Abrasivi Ermoli, has invested time and resources to create added value that goes far beyond just grinding wheels.
Thanks to the experience we have gained in the field, we can offer valuable services, dedicated exclusively to you.


Understanding the potential of your machines is essential to weighing up potential investment. We are at your side during this critical phase.


We are committed to delivering better results every day, which is why 90% of our production is customised to your needs.


The grinding process is a delicate balance between components. We optimise machining parameters to make sure you get the best results.

Mole Abrasivi Ermoli was founded back in 1882 to extract “molera” stone from the local quarries and to obtain millstones for watermills and sandstone grinding mills for sharpening scythes and knives. Shortly after the First World War, the company abandoned its quarrying activities to focus completely on producing bonded grinding wheels, which at the time were manufactured from natural emery from the island of Naxos, in the Aegean. During the Second World War, Ermoli was designated a company of strategic importance because of its type of production, an 30% of its employees were exempted from military service. Emery was abandoned in the 1950s to be replaced by the synthetic abrasives that had just appeared on the market: corundum and silicon carbide. Until the 1970s we mainly produced wheels for tool sharpening and discs for marble cutting, although a certain quantity of wheels for grinding – a kind of manufacturing process undergoing rapid expansion at the time – were also produced. Later, after abandoning cutting and tool sharpening discs, we focused on grinding wheels and wheels for grinding compression springs, which now make up the main part of our production.

The quality of our products, processes and services has always been a deep conviction for Mole Ermoli. We began to apply the ISO 9000 series of standards in 1994, and in 1997 we were awarded UNI EN ISO 9002 certification by ICIM. As many of our customers operate in the automotive sector, since 2013 we have been working towards compliance with many aspects of the UNI ISO/TS16949 set of standards concerning specific requirements for the application of ISO 9001 in the automobile industry. In addition, we also obtained UNI EN ISO 9001 certification for the design of our products in 2014. We achieved compliance with TQM (Total Quality Management) principles in 2002, and have since gone on to satisfy the requirements of the EFQM European business excellence model by pursuing continuous improvement in the satisfaction of customers, staff, suppliers, partners and the community.

COMPANY VALUES AND POLICY Our values are honest relationships, transparency, continual improvement and teamwork, all of which we bring to our dealings with everyone who comes into contact with us. We seek to maximise the satisfaction of our customers, staff, partners, suppliers and the community. We constantly seek ongoing dialogue with other companies, as we are firmly convinced of the value of exchanging knowledge, information and ways of working with a view to improving cooperation. Requests to visit out factory are always welcome. RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL DATABASE We continually aim to improve the performance of our grinding wheels by seeking new specifications, which are achieved by working together with our suppliers of abrasives as well as several customers and machine manufacturers. With our constantly updated database, we can recommend the most suitable grinding wheel for any process, in terms of material, machine, parts to be grinded, and machining and dressing parameters.

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